Sunday, June 1, 2014

Longmire 2x13 - Bad Medicine

Bunch of different story lines all being covered in the season 2 finale episode.  Lets break them down one at a time.

The "case" for this episode is a Cheyenne man that left a suicide tape talking about time traveling to cleanse his sins.  It somehow involves killing his body to get a new one or something and there is no body at the scene.  More importantly, Branch has figured out that this is the guy who flattened Cady's tire which ultimately resulted in her being hit by a car.  Shady Jacob Nighthorse is also connected to this guy and Branch thinks he asked the guy to mess up Cady's tire.  Jacob says the guy admitted to puncturing Cady's tire because he thought he was helping Jacob & Branch but that Jacob had never asked him to do it.  He also says he found the guy's body and burned it so he could be with his ancestors.  Branch wants a sample of the ashes to confirm it really is him and Jacob says its sacred ground not to be disturbed.  Branch sneaks onto the Res to collect a sample anyway and gets shot.  The episode ends with Walt carrying a bleeding Branch over his shoulder and Branch having said he was shot by a dead man.

The Denver PD also show up with a bunch of search warrants for Walt & Henry's homes and offices as part of the investigation of the death of the meth-head that killed Walt's wife.  Henry reveals to Walt that it wasn't him OR Walt that killed Walt's wife's murderer.  It was Hector, the Cheyenne mercenary.  Hector says he beat the man like he has never beaten anyone, but he didn't kill him.  So now they are all wondering who DID kill him.  Cady mentions something that makes Walt rethink a detail of his wife's case and now he thinks the meth head was paid to kill his wife and then that person killed the meth-head.  He tells the Denver cop but the Denver cop says he has enough evidence to arrest Henry and has.  Walt flips out and turns over all the furniture in his office.

The episode starts with Ed Gorski, Vic's stalker, having been beaten within an inch of his life.  Ferg finds that he has called Vic 30+ times and thinks they are having an affair and Vic's husband probably beat Ed.  Walt talks to Gorski and finds out he never saw his attacker because he was hit in the back of the head but Ed thinks Walt did it.  He also thinks Walt & Vic are sleeping together.  Vic finds out about Walt having threatened Gorski and goes to the hospital to try to talk Ed out of pointing the finger at Walt.
He tells her "I want you to feel what it's like to have everything you care about taken away.  I want you to hurt, Vic." She says she thinks she can make that happen and gives him an envelope that we find out contains a blank police report that she wants him to fill out saying she beat him.  She tells Walt what she has done but Walt doesn't believe she really beat Ed and says if he files that report, Vic won't have a job anymore, there or anywhere.

Vic takes the news of her likely unemployment pretty calmly and goes home to be domestic.  Her husband gets home from being out of town on work and she tells him he should get used to her being home during the day.  When she explains what is going on, at first he is protective and sweet but then he gets pissy and jealous when he hears its Gorski and when the phone rings he tells her to answer it because it might be another one of her ex boyfriends coming back in the picture.

The phone call is actually from the hospital and she goes only to find out Ed is gone and he left her the envelope.  Inside it is the police report with nothing written on it but "See you soon!"  CREEEPY!

The last we see of Vic she is waiting with a gun on her darkened stairs with a dangerous look on her face.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Longmire 2x12 - A Good Death is Hard to Find

This episode starts with recitations of amateur cowboy poetry.  WEIRD!

The case:  Finger in a safe deposit box willed to the Sheriff.  Lucian, Branch's crazy former Sheriff Uncle.  A manipulative girlfriend.  LOTS of lies.  The Ferg lets a suspect go and everyone thinks he screwed up.  Turns out he actually did something really clever and everyone is impressed.  YAY FERG!

The important stuff:  Vic is still being stalked by Ed, her ol' buddy from Philly.  She finds evidence that someone has broken into her car and her house.  She confronts him and smacks his car in frustration.

She showers with a gun and someone took a bite out of her soap so she ends up sleeping in the office cell.

Vic tells Walt what is going on and all of the back story of why she left Philly and became a blonde.  He tells her since her husband is out of town, she should stay at his cabin until they deal with the stalker.

Lizzie shows up late at night and accuses Walt & Vic of having an affair.  Walt & Vic both strongly object but awkward looks also get passed around.

Vic goes to Henry to try to hire the mercenary from the Res to scare off Ed Gorski but Henry snitches on her to Walt.  Walt goes to scare off Ed himself with threats and stories about Hector and Achilles in the Iliad. High brow intimidation.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Longmire 2x11 - Natural Order

It seems Walt stayed out all night in the desert leaning backward from the ropes tied through his chest skin until the skin finally rips through.  Is it just me, or is ripping your nipples off not a really creepy way to prove you love your daughter??

Cady is awake and plays a pretty hilarious prank on Branch pretending her head injury made her forget him.  His face is priceless.

Henry tells a cute story about punching Walt as a kid the first time they met.

A game warden is stabbed to death and Walt takes more interest in the headless elk nearby.  We get poachers and Chinese remedies and cancer patients and loving husbands and wasting sickness and doting fathers but mostly we get Vic pulling a face when she & Walt uncover some gross evidence.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Longmire 2x10 - Election Day

Its election day and Walt's campaign rally is full of dancing and fun and Vic out of uniform again.  Its a little country for Vic:  "that block of ice is charming but its not a very efficient way to make a drink."

 Walt dances with a voter.  Ferg dances impressively well with Cady.  Ferg likes Cady!

Cady is shuttling people from the Reservation who don't have cars to their polling places to vote.  Vic gets called to a car accident and finds Cady in the grass with her eyes open but she is unresponsive and bloody.  She looks dead.

Cady is in the ICU and Ferg flips out over finding the person that hit her.  Vic has to reign him in before he blows the case or gets himself hurt.  Vic blames herself when her investigation runs out of leads.  Henry blames himself for not driving a drunk home himself since the guy the drunk called to pick him up turned out to be the one that hit Cady.  Walt blames himself for being happy instead of protecting Cady.

Walt decides he has to atone for the sins of Denver with an old Cheyenne ritual.  He tethers himself to a pole with hooks through his skin in the night.  YIKES!

Oh, and he won the Sheriff's election, but no one really cares about that right now.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Longmire 2x09 - Tuscan Red

Henry convinces Walt to admit he wants to win the election. And then something explodes. Subtle.
At the site of the explosion, Vic has to play peace keeper between Sheriff Longmire and Res Police Cheif Mathias.

The explosion is the result of methane build up in the house coming out of the water pipes. Vic's husband works for the fracking company that the a lot of the Res believes is ruining their water supply. She rescues him from a violent riot by arresting him.

Vic says fracking repeatedly in this episode. Battlestar Galactica fans everywhere giggle with delight.

Cady intentionally gets a speeding ticket from Branch to tell him its over between them. He disagrees. Later, she gets drunk and dances like a wild woman. Branch leers at her like a creeper. They both end up drunk and acting like horny teenagers.

Branch tells Walt to be a better father to Cady and implies that he should resign from the election in order to do so.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Longmire 2x08 - The Great Spirit

Another western staple: a dead guy being dragged behind a horse!  Walt gets his cowboy on by lassoing the wild horse.

Vic, Branch and Walt go to an illegal rodeo out of uniform walking in like the Mod Squad.  Vic flirts for information and then awkwardly doesn't know what to do after the information runs out.  Branch tries to be slick but his political ambition (i.e. plastering the town with campaign signs of his face) blows his cover.  Well done, jerk face.

extra undercover Vic picture just because... HOT!

Everything gets flipped on its head when the dirt bag victim turns out to be a real saint and the "aw shucks, Sheriff" good guy turns out to be the murderer.  Walt uses the same wild horse to get a confession.  City girl Vic is trying to manage the rearing horse while Walt takes his sweet time getting his confession.

Henry and Walt have to get their stories straight about the trip to kill Walt's wife's murderer because the Denver detective is snooping around again.  We get more of the story in flashbacks including a very old Native woman who sewed up Walt's wounds.  Henry goes to visit her to make sure she won't tell the detective about that night.  He asks if she remembers that night and with a very slight twink in her eye, quietly shakes her head, then asks if Henry's friend is well.  He says he may have put her and his friend in a bad position.  She says, "You did right,"  and then asks,  "What did the first Warrior say to the Great Spirit?"  Henry smiles and we get a voice over of him telling the tale.  While we hear Henry's tale, we see Walt releasing the wild horse and telling it to go home.

The first warrior looked out on the land that was his home.  He saw the hills, and the stars, and he was happy.  For giving him his home, the first warrior told the Great Spirit he would fight and win many battles in his honor.  But the great spirit said "No.  Do not fight for me.  Fight for your tribe.  Fight for the family born to you.  Fight for the brothers you find.  Fight for them," the Great Spirit said, "for they are your home."

The horse runs a little ways off and then looks back at Walt.

  They have a moment.  The horse comes back to thank Walt as Henry's story ends.

We all choke back tears.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Longmire 2x07 - Sound and Fury

Cady helps to identify someone at the Red Pony.  She refers to him as the "hot one" and Vic says he has to be a "bad boy." This whole line of conversation seems to make Walt very uncomfortable.

Vic runs into someone she apparently knew in Philly.  The conversation is friendly but there is definitely something creepy and threatening and Vic can't wait to get away from him.

Vic gets a drink with creepy guy from her past and he mentions being hard on her during "the whole IA thing and Bobby." Apparently Bobby committed suicide.

The case involves hitmen and Vic thinks her old pal might be involved.  Turns out its this train hopping, Shakespeare quoting, philosophy spouting psychopath who holds Henry at gunpoint.  Walt shoots the guy, saving Henry and quips about not letting him take his truck.  Good fun!